Sadly RED International will be closing from the end of 2017. 
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RED International worked with OM Haiti to provide relief in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew. This is their update:

“Our original proposal was for US$372,010 and it included 3 levels of ministry in Haiti plus some funds to help in the Bahamas. Of the amount projected as needed we have received US$124,428.33. We have provided initial relief (food, water filtration systems, temporary housing) for all of the ministries listed in Haiti Level 1 of our proposal.

In Level 1 in Merceron, 88 homes were significantly damaged however we have not received enough funding to date to help in the rebuilding of these homes. Based on the funding available we choose to help this community replant crops in fields where they lost everything. In this regard we provided funding to plough 27 hectors of land farmed by the Merceron community. We also provided funds to cover the seeds needed to replant crops giving the families a way to begin to make a living again. Our funds provided for mechanizes ploughing equipping where the fields are normally ploughed by hand ploughs pulled by donkeys. This allowed them to get seeds into the ground quickly based on ideal planting times and cycles.

Haiti Dec 2016 seeds of hope 150k

In Level 1 Hope for the Children Orphanage, we also have provided funds to have their septic system pumped since the flooding caused their system to overflow. Additional funds were used to pave several areas where flooding caused damage. Over all they are in pretty good shape. We will help them buy some replacement filtered for the water purification system once we are able to locate the appropriate filters. Funds will be held to cover this.

In Level 1 CESLA School in Lilavois, we have provided large tarps to cover the main school building structure and we have renovated the bathrooms that were impacted by the hurricane. The main building will need major reconstruction from hurricane damage. Our plan is to hold off with this for some months so that school can continue to be held at this time. We are working on the long range plan to cover this need.

In Level 2, funds have been used to provide water purification systems to a number of churches, schools and communities.
A major relief outreach was run into the community of Bombardopolis. This included water purification systems, food, health care kits and tarps.
Another such outreach is being planned for the community of Miragoane for Christmas week. In this community 900 houses have been damaged and 920 houses destroyed. About 3,000 families were affected by the hurricane. Our outreach is scheduled to impact around 500 people.

In Level 3 over 150 water purification systems have been distributed in partnership with Samaritan’s Purse.
In the Bahamas, we have not provided any direct funds at this point. However, the OM Caribbean Board was involved in a clean-up program at a Christian camp in Nassau in November 2017.”

Thanks to the generosity of donors OM Haiti now has adequate funds to complete the items that they have committed to so far. RED International is therefore closing the project and will not be accepting donations for any projects related to the on-going re-development following Hurricane Matthew. Our partner is able to accessing funding from other sources.

Both RED International and our partners in Haiti are very grateful to all those who have supported this project as well as from many other sources and donors from different countries.

Thank you again for making such a difference to families at time when they had lost so much.

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