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Haiti final report

Thanks to the generosity of individuals and companies around the world, RED International's partner, OM Haiti, were able to help hundreds of families in desperate need following Hurricane Matthew as well as a school and an orphanage. Here’s their report on how the relief work unfolded:

“Our initial response was to provide relief food. Temporary housing was also required at Merceron. To date, we continue to have people being housed at night at the school, church, and community centre in Merceron.
Our next area of response was to assist in providing clean water. Initially we provided water bottles; later through the distribution of 250 simple water purification systems. We facilitated two major relief teams through church partners at Bombarde and Miragoane providing food, tarps and water purification systems. We assisted in a clean-up effort in Nassau, Bahamas, and we provided funds to repair a roof of a church.

In Merceron, we immediately provided relief food to approximately 200 families/1200 people. This is a farming community which lost all of their crops due to extreme flooding. Also due to flooding, the village water well was contaminated, so we provided water and water purification systems. Eighty-eight homes had moderate to complete damage. Some families were provided shelter at the school, church and community building. Others temporarily relocated to relative’s and friend’s homes.

It took about 6 weeks before the flood water receded enough to rework the fields. We provided funds to plough and seed 27 hectares of land (1 hectare = 2.5 acres). This was completed by the second week of December. The first crop has been harvested and already replanted these 27 hectares. We have provided funding to plough and seed an additional 9 hectares of land. This is scheduled for the beginning of April.

Starting February 2017, a local committee was established to identify the most critical housing needs. The top 16 homes were determined. Funds were released to begin construction for 8 of the homes. The committee requires that the family be involved in the actual rebuilding and also contribute at some level with finances, materials, and/or labour. These homes are nearing completion. Roofs should be installed the beginning of April. We will then release funds for the next 8 homes.

At the Hope for the Children Orphanage, we provided one shipment of relief food and clean water. We determined that their existing water purification system was functioning adequately. We solved the drainage problem by digging and cementing a drainage outlet. Due to flooding, we had their septic tank pumped out. Fortunately there was no major structural damage to their facilities.

At CESLA School Lilavois, we provided a water purification system. The property was flooded and there was structural damage to the main building. We provided tarps over the structure as a temporary solution. We had to make some temporary improvements to the restroom facilities. More extensive improvements still need to be made. We had a structural engineer evaluate the facility and make recommendations. We have begun the repair and rebuilding process. First we are addressing the drainage issue and restroom facilities issues. We will have to add a new septic tank and drainage system. The major reconstruction including a new roof will occur June-August 2017. The exterior walls will have to be repaired before the new roof is installed. A good amount of the existing structure will need to be upgraded in the process.”

Thanks to the generosity of donors OM Haiti now has adequate funds to complete the items that they have committed to so far. RED International is therefore closing the project and will not be accepting donations for any projects related to the on-going re-development following Hurricane Matthew. Our partner is able to accessing funding from other sources.

Both RED International and our partners in Haiti are very grateful to all those who have supported this project as well as from many other sources and donors from different countries.

Thank you again for making such a difference to families at time when they had lost so much.

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