Sadly RED International will be closing from the end of 2017. 
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Our Partners
Our carefully selected local partners around the world
Educating women and children in rural Bangladesh
OM Haiti
Restoring lives after Hurricane Matthew
Unique Star
Providing micro-loans to rural families in Pakistan
AIDSLink International
Raising awareness, training and involvement in HIV and AIDS projects
Supporting victims of domestic violence and trafficking
Education, health and business development for India's marginalised
Operation Mercy
Restoring hope, growing capacity and promoting community in Central Asia, the Middle East and North Africa

We work with our implementing partners to ensure that they have projects which:

  • Meet the stated aims of RED International.
  • Are identified and designed in consultation with local community leaders.
  • Include the possibility of being handed over to the local community
  • If possible have long term sustainable outcomes

We insist that our implementing partners closely evaluate their projects in terms of:

  • Whether the stated goals are achieved
  • Which groups of people have been affected and in what ways.
  • Time schedules and the use of finances
  • Reporting performance
  • Any lessons which can be learned for the future
Requests for New Project Partnerships with RED International
  • RED International is currently fully occupied in supporting our current partners and their wide range of projects.
  • We do not have the capacity to respond to unsolicited requests from organisations wishing to partner with RED International.
  • We are only able to consider project proposals from organisations who are already implementing partners of RED International.
  • We are unable to respond to unsolicited project proposals, emails or requests for funding.