Sadly RED International will be closing from the end of 2017. 
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Worlds Longest Football Match photo by Ben Fitzpatrick

We now have had a number of groups and individual who have been partnering with RED International by fundraising through sponsored events. Different groups supported different projects including school construction projects, health projects and a women's centre.

Sadly we're no longer facilitating events but are still helping our implementing partners to find new ways to raise funds.

If you would like to arrange an event, whether large or small, do contact us so we can provide appropriate support.

Many thanks to all our fundraising partners
  • Richard Steer ran the London Marathon to raise funds for the 1000 days project in India in 2016.
  • Tim Lyttle has also completed sponsored runs for 1000 days too.
  • Supporters from Winchester ran a promise auction to raise funds for High Altitude Greenhouse in Tajikistan in 2016. 
  • RED International worked with RightFoot to organise a fundraising challenge in 2014. The Kilimanjaro Trek raised funds to support the ongoing development of a school serving a Dalit community in North India.
  • Cambray Baptist have worked with their local community to do many fundraising events from attempting the world's longest football match to three peaks challenges.3peaks4dalits logo
Our Fundraising Promise

FR RegLogo LRRED International adheres to The Fundraising Promise which outlines the commitment we make to donors and the public. In agreement with the Fundraising Regulator we endeavour to ensure our fundraising is legal, open, honest and respectful. The standards for fundraising are set out in the Code of Fundraising Practice.