Sadly RED International closed at the end of 2017. 
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After 12 years of operations Relief Education Development International (RED International) will cease operations at the end of 2017.

RED International was formed in 2005 to focus on raising funding and support for relief, education and development projects being implemented though different partners around the world.

Over the last year, the leadership of RED International has been reviewing the organisation’s ongoing role and operations. Although RED International has been successful in raising significant funding to support a wide range of projects around the world, the amount it kept back to cover its operational costs has not been sufficient. This has meant that RED International’s staff costs have been subsidised by the organisation they were seconded from. It became clear that this situation was not sustainable and could not continue.

The RED International leadership met at the end of April 2017 and the decision was made that the charity should start a process of winding up its operations. This is currently in process with the expectation that RED International will cease to exist as a separate charity by the end of 2017.

RED International is in the process of working with its implementing partners to mitigate the effects of the closure on them as much as possible, both for the partners and the projects which have been supported through RED International. This decision does not directly affect any of our implementing partners as they all operate as separate entities.

Together with RED International’s implementing partners we are currently working with our donors and supporters to inform them of the situation. Those who wish to continue to support the projects they have been involved with will be offered different avenues through which that would be possible.

Through this process RED International will comply with all data protection regulations in regards to safeguarding our existing donors’ information. Also, as part of this process, RED International’s funding partners will be sent up-to-date reports on the status of the projects they have been supporting.

RED International owes the greatest debt of gratitude to all those individuals and organisations who have supported projects over the last 12 years through donations and sponsored events. The funds which have been given to support many different projects have made a lasting impact on transforming lives and communities among the poor and marginalised. RED International and our partners want to thank all those who have joined with us to make this possible.

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