From a woman's pregnancy to her child's 2nd birthday there are 1,000 days. This time is important for setting the foundations for the rest of life. The support and education a mother receives during these 1,000 days can have a very real impact on the care she gives, influencing how her child grows and develops. Our partners work in countries where the mortality rate is high and basic healthcare is beyond many people’s reach without our help.

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Children suffer easily preventable health-related issues in the countries where our partner work. Issues such as malnutrition and worm infection affect children of school age in particular, restricting their development and education. Around 80% of the health problems in rural and under-served communities in India are preventable. There can also be a mistreatment of patients due to a lack of education. RED International supports the equipping of Community Health Workers in India and other countries. They support mothers & infants, schools and help those marginalised for health, social or geographical reasons.

One particularly marginalised group are those affected by HIV and AIDS. RED International is also seeking to support the prevention and treatment of HIV in India and, in other countries through our partner AIDSLink International.

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